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US interventionism is invariably upheld as a humanitarian endeavor.

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Short form: Bundesumweltministerium (Federal Environment Ministry).

A communication network in which the service logic for a call is located separately from the switching facilities. This makes it possible to set customized individual service features in the network or set up customized networks.

The conclusion restates the thesis and elaborates on the central idea.

ensures responsible, qualified, transparent corporate management that is geared towards long-term success and intended to improve the trust that shareholders and investors place in capital markets.

A telecommunications network operator.

Transmitting and receiving system for mobile communications, serving a limited area ().

High Speed Packet Access.

Mobile communications technology which increases transmission rates in the network. This further development of enables data transmission on downlinks at realistic data rates of up to 14.4 Mbit/s.

High Speed Packet Access - Increases the transmission rates on uplinks in the network, thereby allowing shorter latency (delay times). Data can be transmitted at speeds of up to 5.8 Mbit/s.

Protection against Internet crime.

Regulation on the procedure for providing evidence of the limitation of electromagnetic fields.

are locations that provide users with high-speed Internet access via . Deutsche Telekom alone operates around 11,000 in Germany and 50,000 worldwide, including at airports, hotels, trade fairs, and conference centers. All can be found at

A deliberately placed trap that allows developers and operators to identify virus and attacks as well as the associated perpetrators. Just as bears are hunted by being "lured" with a honey trap, are meant to respond to supposed vulnerabilities in systems and attempt to exploit these. They can actually be detected as a result and the system protected against future attacks.

Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Office for Radiation Protection).
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  • International Commission on Non- Radiation Protection.

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  • Two or more companies set up a joint enterprise for cooperation.


  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator

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Orthogonal Division Multiplexing.

Corporate Identity/Corporate Design.

Corporate Identity is the term used to denote the totality of the characteristics of a company. The Corporate Identity concept is based on the idea that companies are perceived in the same way as individuals and can act in the same way as individuals. Corporate Identity typically includes a company’s corporate philosophy, its mission statement, terminology and action guidelines. Corporate Identity is closely linked to Corporate Design (CD) which defines how a company appears to the outside world, for instance by producing and using a logo or standardized design specifications for printed matter.

Provider of -based, platform-independent services, such as WhatsApp.

computing provides users with everything that they used to access locally on their computers from the Internet, for example word-processing programs, anti-virus software or storage space. This works regardless of where a user happens to be or the particular terminal (PC, notebook, tablet or smart phone) that they are using. The crucial requirement is Internet access in order to access the from where applications are made available.

Deutsche Strahlenschutzkommission.

Networking vehicles using mobile Internet connections. The occupants can therefore send and receive e-mails, find out about traffic jams and free parking spaces, or obtain remote diagnostics from the garage. The eCall emergency call system will also be fitted to all new cars from 2015. The system requires a permanently installed SIM card (mobile communications) in the vehicle and a module to be fitted.

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Networking devices and functions in households or entire apartment buildings. A smartphone or can also be used to switch these devices on and off remotely. The heating can be adjusted remotely or the blinds opened or closed while the owners are on vacation. Deutsche Telekom has brought together all the relevant functions in the QIVICON home management platform.

Cell Phone Spy Apps 2017 to use for Android and iPhone

Contract concluded over a long period of time with defined advance payment and minimum purchase requirement. In return, the resellers pay a reduced monthly charge for VDSL. This allows them to put together interesting offers for their own consumers without having to invest in fiber-optic lines of their own. This improves the utilization of Telekom Deutschland GmbH’s existing VDSL network. The current “contingent model” is being developed further to reflect the network build-out in terms of availability and bandwidth.

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