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Di Caro, The Ant Colony Optimization Meta-Heuristic.

Stützle, A Review on the Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic: Basis, Models and New Trends.

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Colorni, Ant System: Optimization by a colony of cooperating agents.

The new modified Bees Algorithm was tested on the optimisation of parameter values for the Ant Colony Optimisation algorithm when solving Travelling Salesman Problems.

M. Dorigo and T. Stützle, 2004. Ant Colony Optimization. MIT Press, Boston, MA.

Linear Programming: convex polyhedra and linear programming; simplex method, two-phase method; revised simplex method; Karmarker method; duality; Geometric Concepts: hyperplane, convex set, convex hull, Caratheodory theorem; separating and supporting hyperplane; cones and polars sets; Convex Optimization: convex functions and their variants; subgradients, tangent and normal cones, Fritz John and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker optimality conditions; Quadratic programming; Penalty and barrier function methods, nonconvex optimization.

Stützle, Ant Colony Optimization, MIT Press, 2004].

Gambardella, Ant Colony System: A Cooperative Learning Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Computational physics and science, algorithms; Representation of numbers, machine precision, series summation; Errors, uncertainties, round offs, recursion relations method; Visualization of data; Non-thermal Monte Carlo techniques, random numbers and sequences, random walk problems, application to radio-active decay; Numerical Integration and Differentiation, Higher Dimensional Integration, Quantum Monte-Carlo methods; Function optimization, steepest descent, conjugate gradient, Golden ratio search, Variational Methods in Quantum mechanics; Matrix computing, system of equations, eigenvalue problems, large matrices, linear algebra packages; Data fitting: Lagrange interpolation, cubic splines, least-squares method, singular value decomposition; Ordinary differential equations: Euler's rule, Runge-Kutta methods, solving for equations of motion, non-linear oscillations with and without forcing, precision considerations, energy and momentum conservations; Quantum eigenvalue problem for a particle in a box; Time series analysis in Physics, Fourier analysis, discrete Fourier transforms, sampling and aliasing effects, Fast Fourier Transforms; Molecular Dynamics, non-interacting gas in a box, extracting thermodynamic variables from simulations; Introduction to high-performance computing hardware and parallel computing: distributed memory programming, parallelizing strategy, high level view of message passing, high throughput computing models.

Nature of anthropological knowledge, history, methodology; Anthropology and experience, formulation of anthropology of experience, snthropology of experience and the way how individuals experience their culture; Anthropology and cognition, a priori representations and anthropological analysis, perception and/or action and their cognitive constraints, the nature of cognitive processes in Anthropology; Contemporary themes and perspectives, colonial and postcolonial studies, Europe and its "others"; exoticism and the construction of otherness, from Orientalism to the Subaltern Studies; Anthropology of globalization, The local, the global and the glocal, Nationalism and transnationalism; Migration and diaspora, Ethnicity and cultural minorities, citizenship and human rights; India in the world, Cosmopolitanism and diaspora, the consumption of Indian Culture.

Modelling the Dynamics of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms.

Search Bias in Ant Colony Optimization: On the Role of Competition-Balanced Systems.

M. Dorigo and T. Stützle, 2002. The ant colony optimization metaheuristic: Algorithms, applications and advances. In F. Glover and G. Kochenberger editors, Handbook of Metaheuristics, volume 57 of International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, pages 251-285. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA.

The seminal book on Ant Colony Optimization in general with a detailed treatment of Ant system is "Ant colony optimization" by Dorigo and Stützle []. An earlier book "Swarm intelligence: from natural to artificial systems" by Bonabeau, Dorigo, and Theraulaz also provides an introduction to Swarm Intelligence with a detailed treatment of Ant System [].

Stützle, special issue on "Ant Colony Optimization", Vol.
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  • Stützle, “Ant Colony Optimization,”

    Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)

  • Ant colony optimization algorithms - Wikipedia

    and (2009) Application of Ant Colony optimization for MANETS. BTech thesis.

  • Ant Colony Optimization Phd Thesis

    Ant Colony Optimization Phd Thesis - Do my essay now

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Applying Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms to Solve …

Across disciplines, technologies and social sciences: Engaging on thinking how crossing disciplinary borders enables us to approach societal issues in a more comprehensive mode. What are the links between technologies and social sciences and how anthropology is fundamental to the social use of technologies?; Collaborative research: Introduction to methods incorporating different disciplines and distinct approaches, in order to organize research under different perspectives; A first approach to a village - its territory: Introductory fieldwork visits to the villages to be studied, in order to have a first sense of the realities we can observe. Under the notion of ‘territory’, we can start to discuss what happens in that place; Different layers of a map, mapping: Geography, urbanism, social and spatial structure’ – research on different subjects found in the villages where field work is done. How in the same place, a village, we find different realities and many topics to analyze, and how we can build different maps focusing on different aspects; Population, social world, social use of space: Engagement with ethnographic methods to discuss what are the meanings and contexts of the realities observed. Space and its use as translating the social universe of the studied villages; Constraints and problems, developmental matters: Observation and analysis of societal issues present in the villages - from water management to electrical connections, education, health or agricultural production. Cross these analyses with the discussions on ethnographic methodology to better understand the social and cultural contexts of the issues; Creative brainstorming – problems and solutions: Engaging with the recent anthropological research on infrastructure and development, in order to broaden a creative approach to the research projects using different media of registering and thinking: drawings, maps, photographs, film.

Ant colony optimization - Scholarpedia

What is in a map? – the line and the word, Maps as drawing with lines and a text that represents geography; Descriptive text as a map; Sacred and profane spaces - how mapping signs the differences between sacred spaces, and places, and the worldly realities. Cosmographical maps, representing the world according to different religions; Singing maps - maps made by Australian aboriginals, that have to be sung while people walk through the space; Colonial cartography as dominance; Drawing lines – inclusion or exclusion - how mapping is a act of power and ordering territory and populations, in order to control. How these maps assign different places for different parts of the society; Maps and imagination; Cartographies re-imagined - how the use of precise geographical tools does not avoid that we draw what we imagine; Contemporary concepts – organizing the world - how anthropologists and artists are questioning the divisions of the world map; Places of belonging; Locality and embodied narratives - anthropological, theoretical and artistic approaches to the emotional relations we built with places; Space as socially constructed and the meanings we give to certain places that we feel belonging to; Space and contested places, topographies of contestation - political and social contestation through the use and revindication of spaces; Urban places as a ground of social discussion: slums and their eviction, infrastructures, buildings that are occupied.

Ant colony optimization theory: A survey - ScienceDirect

Economics and politics have always been inextricably interlinked. Kingdoms and nation states have survived and thrived on their ability to forge viable economies. Starting from Antoine de Montchrétien’s coining of the term, économie politique has defined world history in modern times. Developments such as industrialization, colonization, division of labor, development of infrastructure and evolution of institutions have transformed the world beyond recognition. In an era of globalization, political economy assumes more importance to understand the past, present and future.

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