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The effect of light on seed germinationWhat is Transpiration?

How does light intensity and duration affect the rate of photosynthesis?

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Effect of different colors of light on the rate of photosynthesis.

*Photosynthetic response; During this time, the molecules needed for photosynthesis gradually reach operating levels which begins when energy from light is absorbed by proteins called photosynthetic reaction centers that contain chlorophylls.

Investigate the effect of light on seed germination.

Although energy cannot be destroyed, it can be converted to less useful forms—for example, to thermal energy in the surrounding environment. Machines are judged as efficient or inefficient based on the amount of energy input needed to perform a particular useful task. Inefficient machines are those that produce more waste heat while performing a task and thus require more energy input. It is therefore important to design for high efficiency so as to reduce costs, waste materials, and many environmental impacts.

Effects of different colors of light on the photosynthesis rate.

Easy to perform or accomplish; requiring little effort:  light chores.

Electric forces and magnetic forces are different aspects of a single electromagnetic interaction. Such forces can be attractive or repulsive, depending on the relative sign of the electric charges involved, the direction of current flow, and the orientation of magnets. The forces’ magnitudes depend on the magnitudes of the charges, currents, and magnetic strengths as well as on the distances between the interacting objects. All objects with electrical charge or magnetization are sources of electric or magnetic fields and can be affected by the electric or magnetic fields of other such objects. Attraction and repulsion of electric charges at the atomic scale explain the structure, properties, and transformations of matter and the contact forces between material objects (link to PS1.A and PS1.B). Coulomb’s law provides the mathematical model to describe and predict the effects of electrostatic forces (relating to stationary electric charges or fields) between distant objects.

Forces that act at a distance (gravitational, electric, and magnetic) can be explained by force fields that extend through space and can be mapped by their effect on a test object (a ball, a charged object, or a magnet, respectively).

Photosynthesis Lab Report - The Effects of Light Color …

The better LED lights have the same shimmer effect and

The path that light travels can be traced as straight lines, except at surfaces between different transparent materials (e.g., air and water, air and glass) where the light path bends. Lenses and prisms are applications of this effect.

Adding or subtracting the amount/intensity seems to be the secret of simulating these cycles which can be accomplish easily either manually or with electronic timers (that can be set to more accurate monthly 29.5 day lunar cycles of lighting). Strategically placing these lights also shows evidence as to properly simulating this effect.

Test if Japanese millet can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and therefore mitigate the effects of global warming.
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  • Photosynthetic Efficiencies of LEDs: Results of Short …

    A brief review of light intensity or brightness of light. Includes some effects on plant growth and development.

  • when testing the black light for its effect on photosynthesis.

    Based on the data, what color of light results in the fastest rate of photosynthesis

  • The Effect of Green Light on Plants The Color Spectrum.

    This experiment was performed to determine the effect of different colors of light on the rate of plant growth

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Light Effect Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

HID lighting is the most efficient way to convert electricity into light that is available to the consumer. There are two types of HID grow lights used for horticultural lighting:

Understanding the Effects of Color in Printing - Hackworth

The Effect of the Type of Soil on the Amount of Chlorophyll in Bean PlantsThe Effects of Wavelengths of Light on Plant Food ProductionEffect of different colors of light on the growth of plants Do plants need sunlight to be green?

Illustration Of Color Light Effect

The effects of various pH levels on the photosynthesis process of the aquatic plant elodeaThe effects of phosphorous on the photosynthesis of aquatic plantsDoes light affect stem growth?

Photosynthesis Science Fair Projects and Experiments

High pressure sodium bulbs emit an orange-red glow. This band of light triggers hormones in plants to increase flowering/budding in plants. They are the best grow lights available for secondary or supplemental lighting (used in conjunction with natural sunlight). This is ideal for greenhouse growing applications.

Not only is this a great flowering light, it has two features that make it a more economical choice. Their average lifespan is twice that of metal halides, but after 18,000 hours of use, they will start to draw more electricity than their rated watts while gradually producing less light. HPS bulbs are very efficient. They produce up to 140 lumens per watt. Their disadvantage is they are deficient in the blue spectrum. If a gardener were to start a young plant under a HPS bulb, she/he would see impressive vertical growth. In fact, probably too impressive. Most plants would grow up thin and lanky and in no time you will have to prune your plant back before it grows into the light fixture. The exception to this is using HPS grow lights in a greenhouse or in conjunction another light source that emits light in the blue spectrum. Light sources that have a high output in the blue spectrum like sunlight and MH grow lights offset any stretching caused by HPS bulbs.

LabBench Activity Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis

Follow in the steps of van Helmont, John Woodward, Joseph Priestley and Jan Ingenhousz and discover photosynthesisIs plant growth affected by exposure to ultraviolet light?

BioCoach Activity Concept 1: An Overview of Photosynthesis

Until recently, fluorescent grow lights have had a low output and have been too big and bulky to be of much use as a grow light for anything more than starting seedlings. CFL and T5 full spectrum fluorescent lights have changed that. At 75 to 90 lumens per watt, these lights are energy efficient and extremely effective especially when used in numbers. Fluorescent grow lights also have better color rendering properties (more of the light emitted is used by the plant) and produce much less heat than incandescent and HID grow lights. This allows them to be placed closer to plants (within a few inches) greatly decreasing lumen loss from the bulb to the plant. It is recommended that these lights be placed no more than a couple feet from the plants for best results. 2700k to 3000k bulbs provide higher output in the red spectrum which promotes flowering. 5000k to 6500k bulbs are full spectrum with much of the light in the blue spectrum which promote overall green plant growth. ,

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