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Rowling: The Incredible Impact of Harry Potter

The reason why Harry Potter is still around, is because Lord Voldemort failed to kill Harry.

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Rowling is the author of the best-selling Harry Potter series.

"I started reading the books two years ago as an antidote to revision - and they proved very effective!" She had planned to dedicate her independent study in her third year to the First World War, but a prompt from her lecturer got her thinking about studying the Harry Potter series instead.

Thoughts for the Serious Reader of Harry Potter

Professor Lupin catches Harry with the Marauders Map but only smiles, because he explains who the four names were at the bottom; Moony was himself, Wormtail was a close friends of his Peter Pettigrew, Padfoot was Sirius Black, and Prongs was James Potter, Harry’s father.

Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, p.

Just to quickly run through the two previous books; Harry Potter is a wizard, who’s parents were killed by the worst dark wizard ever known.

Her study - Heroes and Heroines: Myth and Gender Roles in the HarryPotter Books - will be published in December in the annual academic journal, the New Review of Children's Literature andLibrarianship.

The most evident, however, would be that things in the land of Harry Potter are not always what they seem, and in order to get along well in this land, you must accept the differences of others.

Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond (Series) – Keira Marcos

My plan is to lay out the passage Ms. Rowling chose as her opening for Deathly Hallows as it is in the context of The Libation Bearers and the as a whole, what it means in relation to the Penn passage she selected as a complementary epigraph, and ultimately how it was meant to work in relation to the events of Harry’s final confrontation with the Dark Lord. I think it works, but, insomuch as Harry’s victory is not tragic or as cathartic as Orestes’ is in The Libation Bearers and the Hallows epilogue is no , it cannot be the foreshadowing bit of genius any drop of the Aeschylean card invites a reader to imagine it must be. In communicating the traditional worldview and understanding of the relationship of living and dead succinctly and mysteriously, however, which ideas are the power and point of the Potter epic methinks and of Hallows especially, the epigraph is one of Ms. Rowling’s best touches.

My first thoughts on opening Deathly Hallows were not so profound. Ms. Rowling shaped the dedication to the book in the form of a lightning bolt scar, or, given the inability to have sharply drawn lines when crafting a literal word-picture, as a serpent. I thought that was a clever bit of work — until I saw the epigraph page, the first Harry Potter book to begin this way. This page with its two passages, right after the dedication snapshot, struck me as also being in the form of a picture. Forgive me, it was very late at night, remember? Anyway, it looked to me like smoke (the Aeschylus passage) rising from a block (the Penn piece), as if it were an altar sacrifice to the Muses. Could she be challenging her readers to read this book as a series of word paintings, sensitive to the actual shapes she gives them on the page? Daunting thought.

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - TV Tropes

The last time I wrote about Aeschylus at HogwartsProfessor was on my private boards in 2005, believe it or not. I posted a thread about Aeschylus and Greek Drama in the belief that (a) Ms. Rowling was rather obviously modeling Harry on to some degree (there are no other ‘young man coming into his own stories’ that I know which feature a boy with scar on forehead prophesied and determined to avenge the murder of his father) and (b) that this would be of some interest to other Potter readers. There were no responses to my thread on those late lamented boards. Given that the Orestes-Harry connection was the best hope of the Harry-Hermione shippers (Orestes in one form of his legend marries Hermione, his cousin, the daughter of Menelaus and Helen) as the alchemy of the books was of the Ron-Hermione and other shipping nut-jobs (overlook that, please), the non-response was a surprise.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone;

This fanciful and entertaining tale has taken the youth of the nation by storm, and its sales have only been surpassed by the book’s sequels, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban....

BBC News | EDUCATION | Harry Potter inspires thesis

Through this examination, the thesis will attempt to determine the philosophical role architecture plays in the Harry Potter universe, commenting on the ways fictional environments can be used to reframe an audience’s existing notions of the corporeal world, and looking at the psychological reasons so many individuals are drawn to the setting of this particular series.

Master thesis harry potter | Ventures Unlimited Inc.

After numerous rejections from publishers, Bloomsbury Publishers took a chance, and to borrow a trite expression, "the rest is history." Since the release of the first (of the rumored seven book series) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, or Philosopher's Stone as it is known abroad, three additional install...

Master thesis harry potter work

Hi John,
sorry if I can’t “find something concise to comment on”, but I’m an Italian student of Latin and Greek literature (so I’m well informed on the topic) working for a thesis about Harry Potter. I read your piece, and it struck me a lot. It was… enlightnenig, thank you!

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