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Energy Globe Award / Project database

Nupilac Hidro is one of the fruits of DTS Oabe’s policy of sustainable development.

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This project aims at providing local authorities with the necessary tools and methodologies for developing integrated strategies and policies in the field of RWM.

A strategic policy with 5 mayors from the area is in planning in order to develop a tourist market.

A 20 KW micro hydropower system was developed that supplies renewable energy for household use and the whole village, replacing the use of polluting fossil fuels.

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These solutions developed by BioCover are turning a global pollution problem into a profitable fertilizing solution.

wanted to find a better solution and was able to develop halogen-free, non-toxic flame retardants, used for fire protection of textiles, wood, corrugated and solid boards, foamed polymers and items made of them.

The porous polymeric materials are treated by means of simple dipping, brush application, rolling or spraying at atmospheric pressure and room temperature.

All the tests have been performed in approved laboratories across the EU, the USA and Canada and have shown that the developed flame retardants meet international requirements and regulations.

The flame retardants have already been produced and the technology has been implemented for fire proofing purposes of porous polymeric materials in public buildings, theatres, TV studios, furniture, building industry, transportation (trains and air planes), etc.

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Geumseokcheon began to be polluted as the city grew rapidly with the housing development projects in Dangwang-dong during the early 1990s.

Behavior of the children is changed effectively through many small activities: saving of electricity and water and its more efficient use, the use of less polluting transportation means, walking or using public transport, all of which promote the concept of sustainability and sustainable development.

Despite policy efforts and development plans, the gap between supply and demand continues to hover in the range of 5000-7000 MW on average leading to 6-8 hours of load shedding on a daily basis.

The project investigates five areas of the environment and development in Walvis Bay: work, water, recycling, pollution and tourism.
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  • The project’s four closely interrelated components are: Development of an environmental policy, a strategy and action plans for this area.

    It was initiated in 2013 and developed by the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC).

  • The innovative company has now developed a process that uses energy from exhaust air that contains pollutants to degrade additional pollutants.

    Energy Globe Award

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The key goals are to develop an integrated approach aimed at moving sustainable housing from the extraordinary to the ordinary, to improve energy consumption, environmental performance and urban quality of life, and to promote sustainable building approaches in national, regional and local policies.

SZPADEL HECHT 600801 Hecht

The project brings poor people together with politicians and professionals in order to get the students integrated in environmental and educational projects dealing with rural energy, bio-diversity and livelihood development.

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Therefore SEDA Umwelttechnik GmbH is developing a project for the Pacific Islands, where scrap car will be collected centrally, depolluted, crushed and sold to scrap merchants.

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In cooperation with the cities of Constance, Überlingen and Dornbirn and the community of Wolfurt, the Lake Constance Foundation developed a pilot scheme which targets the environmentally friendly regional planning policy and the ecologically oriented construction supervision planning.

Energy Globe Award Here you find the international winners of the World ENERGY GLOBE Award from 2003 on and the best submissions for the ENERGY GLOBE Award …

It involves: research on threats to groundwater; training of municipal staff on sewage treatment technologies and management, and Geographic Information Systems; and development of policy guidelines to help protect the Mountain Aquifer – a major drinking water source for both peoples.

ŁOPATA HECHT 600805 Hecht

At a national and international level, the CS team promotes policies and legislation and assists in the development of national plans to improve solid waste management and support replication of its enterprise-driven model.

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