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Explanatory Analysis A method of inquiry that focuses on the formulating and testing of hypotheses.

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The given hypothesis is tested with the help of the sample data

When the degree of freedom is zero (df = n - r = 1 - 1 = 0), there is no way to affirm or reject the model! In this sense, the data have no "freedom" to vary and you don't have any "freedom" to conduct research with this data set. Put it bluntly, one subject is basically useless, and obviously, df defines the sample size (Eisenhauer, 2008).

In C++, the definition of NULL is 0, so there is only an aesthetic difference.

Hypothesis Testing
Statistical tests to determine whether a hypothesis is accepted or rejected. In hypothesis testing, two hypotheses are used: the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. The alternative hypothesis is the hypothesis of interest; it generally states that there is a relationship between two variables. The null hypothesis states the opposite, that there is no relationship between two variables.

one can reject a null hypothesis or fail to reject a null hypothesis

Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM)
A multi-level modeling procedure that works well for nested circumstances (e.g., estimating the effects of children nested within classrooms nested within schools). HLM enables a researcher to estimate effects within individual units, formulate hypotheses about cross level effects and partition the variance and covariance components among levels.

Deductive Method
A method of study that begins with a theory and the generation of a hypothesis that can be tested through the collection of data, and ultimately lead to the confirmation (or lack thereof) of the original theory.

cant we verify it by rejecting the corresponding null hypothesis?

Null Hypothesis
This hypothesis states that there is no difference between groups. The alternative hypothesis states that there is some real difference between two or more groups.

To further explain why lacking useful information is detrimental to research, the program ties degrees of freedom to falsifiability. In the case of "perfect-fitting," the model is "always right." In "over-fitting," the model tends to be "almost right." Both models have a low degree of falsifiability. The concept "falsifiability" was introduced by Karl Popper (1959), a prominent philosopher of science. According to Popper, the validity of knowledge is tied to the probability of falsification. Scientific propositions can be falsified empirically. On the other hand, unscientific claims are always "right" and cannot be falsified at all. We cannot conclusively affirm a hypothesis, but we can conclusively negate it. The more specific a theory is, the higher possibility that the statement can be negated. For Popper, a scientific method is "proposing bold hypotheses, and exposing them to the severest criticism, in order to detect where we have erred." (1974, p.68) If the theory can stand "the trial of fire," then we can confirm its validity. When there is no or low degree of freedom, the data could be fit with any theory and thus the theory is said to be unfalsifiable.

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    Another problem with NULL is that people sometimes mistakenly believe that itis different from 0 and/or not an integer.

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  • in order to calculate the likelihood that the null hypothesis is ..


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Null hypothesis are assertions formulated in ..

Alternative Hypothesis
The experimental hypothesis stating that there is some real difference between two or more groups. It is the alternative to the null hypothesis, which states that there is no difference between groups.

The null oncogene hypothesis predicts that ..

General statement that describes a hypothesized relationship between different phenomena or characteristics. Theories should be specific enough to be testable with a well-designed research study.

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