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This case study-oriented course will focus on the critical skills needed to evaluate, develop, finance (on a non-recourse basis), and complete standalone energy and infrastructure projects. The primary course materials will be documents from several representative projects - e.g. solar, wind, storage, carbon capture - covering key areas including market and feasibility studies, environmental permitting and regulatory decisions, financial disclosure from bank and bond transactions, and construction, input, and offtake contracts. Documents and economic models tend to be highly customized. By taking a forensic approach, looking at several different projects, we can learn how project developers, financiers, and lawyers work to get deals over the finish line that meet the demands of the market, the requirements of the law, and (sometimes) broader societal goals, in particular climate change, economic competitiveness, and energy security.

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The course covers various topics relating to social insurance. The first half of the course covers the rationale for government interventions into private insurance markets, adverse selection, social insurance design and the intersection between social insurance and intra-family insurance. The second half of the course covers local public policy through the lens of social insurance, and includes topics such as spatial equilibrium, placed-based policies and housing policy.

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This course provides coverage of both introductory and intermediate topics in social network analysis with a primary focus on recent developments in theory, methods and substantive applications. We will begin the course with a brief overview of introductory themes and concepts from various disciplines that have contributed to social network theory, including sociology, anthropology, social psychology, and organizations. Introductory topics to be included: centrality, cliques, structural and regular equivalence and cognitive social structures. The primary topics to be covered in this course include the application of network theory to the study of careers, competition, innovation, inequality/stratification, and recent research on IT mediated networks, as well as an examination of network formation and dynamics. The course will also provide hands-on experience applying social network methods in empirical research. Students will have an opportunity to learn some modern network analysis methods and apply them to network data using the R programming language. No prior experience with social network analysis or software is required.

Why are some organizations more competitive than others? This is the defining questions of the interdisciplinary research field known as "strategic management." In this PhD seminar, we will survey the field of strategic management as seen from the perspective of "macro" organizational behavior. The course takes a broad view of the field of strategic management, reflecting the diversity of perspectives that is seen in this field worldwide. Across this diversity, however, it is possible to identify four distinct theoretical approaches by noting the mechanisms that researchers think are generating outcomes. The course is structured around these four theoretical approaches, and one of the main objectives of the course is to help you identify, critique, and improve these theoretical approaches.n nMost work in strategic management pays less attention to particular theoretical perspectives, and is organized more by the topic -the phenomenon being studied - such as market exit, growth, performance, mergers and acquisitions, innovation, and the like. I have catalogued the research in strategic management both according to theoretical perspective and topic, and the skeleton of that structure can be seen in this syllabus. I encourage you to use a similar structure as you try to make sense out of the strategy field.

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Social psychological and sociological research at the meso, or intermediate between micro and macro, level of analysis. Topics vary from year to year, but usually include organizational routines and learning; mobility and attainment processes; gender and race inequality and discrimination; social networks; cultural perspectives on organizations, and related topics. Prerequisite: Ph.D. student.

This is a course in the design of social research, with a particular emphasis on research field (i.e., non-laboratory) settings. As such, the course is a forum for discussing and developing an understanding of the different strategies social theorists employ to explain social processes, develop theories, and make these theories as believable as possible. In general, these issues will be discussed in the context of sociological research on organizations, but this will not be the exclusive focus of the course. A range of topics will be covered, for example: formulating and motivating research questions; varieties of explanation; experimental and quasi-experimental methods, including natural experiments; counterfactual models; conceptualization and measurement; sampling and case selection; qualitative and quantitative approaches. This course is particularly oriented toward developing an appreciation of the tradeoffs of different approaches. It is well suited to Ph.D. students working on qualifying papers and dissertation proposals.

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This class will explore the role of consumer search and firms' information provision with a focus on online markets and companies. Because the amount of information available to consumers has increased dramatically, it has become paramount for companies to facilitate consumers search process. We will cover both the relevance for companies to reach consumers through their presence on third-party search platforms such as Google as well as how companies help consumers navigate through their own assortment by means of recommendation algorithms (e.g. Netflix, Spotify). Furthermore, we will discuss business models of companies that facilitate search by aggregating and presenting results from other vendors such as Kayak or eBay. Finally, we discuss new sources of information such as online reviews and consumer word-of-mouth on social media and how firms can effectively influence and manage those sources of information.

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The field of behavioral economics couples scientific research on the psychology of decision making with economic theory to better understand what motivates economic agents, including consumers, managers, public policymakers, investors, and employees. In this course, we will examine topics such as the "irrational" patterns of how people think about products, money and investments, designing strategies and offerings to change behavior, and the drivers of happiness and the role of emotions in decision-making. This highly interdisciplinary course will be particularly relevant to students with interests in general management, entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategy, Behavioral Finance, public policy, and nonprofit. Topics covered will include: Rationality and choice, choice complexity, intertemporal choice, emotional influences on choice, the role of behavioral economics in marketing, spending and savings behavior, social welfare, choice architecture, and defaults. The goals of this course are threefold: a) to study the basic principles of behavioral economics, b) To learn the application of the principles to various aspects of business and policy, and c) to think about a framework for developing products, programs, and tactics that are behaviorally informed. The course is composed of a mixture of lectures, exercises, academic paper reviews, and in-class case discussions. The purpose of the lectures is to present and discuss theories, concepts, analytical techniques and empirical findings. In-class exercise will be used to apply the concepts and techniques covered in the class. We will discuss a few business cases. In addition, students working in teams will prepare an analysis and recommended behavioral strategy for a company/startup of their choice.

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The focus of this course is on the strategies and methods used by early-stage companies to acquire customers (through outbound or inbound marketing) and to activate them (i.e., to encourage repeat behavior and/or increase the frequency of interaction). Throughout the course, we will examine topics such as search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media campaigns, mobile applications, freemium strategies, and the use of web analytics for tracking customer acquisition and conversion. The focus will be mainly on digital marketing channels, and the emphasis will be more B2C than B2B. Instruction will consist of case discussion and guest lectures, with students working in groups to apply their learning to improve the process of customer acquisition.

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