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AP Lab 4 & 5: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration …

Are plant and animals both equipped to do cellular respiration and photosynthesis or not?

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oxygen moving toward the peas for cellular respiration”

This is why oxygen is needed to perform cellular respiration in both plants and animals.

Anaerobic versus Aerobic Respiration:
Aerobic Respiration takes place in the presence of oxygen.

Photosynthesis and Respiration - Biology - Lab …

Occurs in plants, animals and some prokaryotes (Monahar)
Anaerobic Respiration uses fermentation to use other electron acceptors and will produce ethanol or lactic acid, when oxygen is not available.

Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis Lab by Mike …

Observations during this lab showed that some of the pill bugs died at the end, and that the respirator was changing for beads, but very slightly.

The O-2 ions combine to form the diatomic O2 that is released ("Estrella mountain," 2007) and can later be used by the cellular respiration back in the plant or in an animal.

Subtracting respiration from gross primary production gives us (), which represents the rate of production of biomass that is available for consumption () by organisms (bacteria, fungi, and animals).

Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis Lab

(Cellular Respiration) In this experiment you will be testing the ..

Variable: Oxygen Consumption (cm on Manometer)
Experimental: Brassica rapa & Armadillidium vulgare
Control: Bead Oxygen Consumption
Constants: Container Size, Respiration Time, Temperature, Solution Placed in (water), Pressure 300ml Bicarbonate Solution (.2%)X2
100 W CFL
40 W CFL
20 Spinach Disks (Spinacia oleracea)
2 Syringes
Lamp (2)
Liquid Soap
Hole Punch microrespirometers seeds beads pillbugs The table and the graph show the relation between photosynthesis (O2 production) and time (minutes).

The of a is the amount of biomass produced through photosynthesis per unit area and time by plants, the primary producers. Primary productivity is usually expressed in units of energy (e.g., joules m day ) or in units of dry organic matter (e.g., kg m year ). Globally, primary production amounts to 243 billion metric tons of dry plant biomass per year. The total energy by plants in a community through photosynthesis is referred to as (). Because all the energy fixed by the plant is converted into sugar, it is theoretically possible to determine a plant's energy uptake by measuring the amount of sugar produced. A proportion of the energy of gross primary productivity is used by plants in a process called . Respiration provides a plant with the energy needed for various plant physiological and morphological activities. The general equation for respiration is:

Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration Poster Project - More information
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