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One type of interpretive qualitative synthesis is meta-ethnography

DISCUSSION: A brief overview of qualitative meta-synthesis as a method of inquiry is presented.

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Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of User Experience of …

Kelly is a senior researcher at the EPPI-Centre, UCL Institute of Education, London. She has over 13 years of experience in conducting mixed methods systematic reviews across a range of policy and practice areas, mostly related to health promotion and international development.

She specialises in developing and testing methods for research synthesis, with a particular interest in qualitative evidence and approaches to combining qualitative and quantitative data to answer complex review questions.

Qualitative meta-synthesis as a methodology is then explored for its fit within this paradigm.

As well as the established method of statistical meta-analysis there are many possible ways of combining the results of studies in a systematic review. This has become known as a synthesis (e.g. meta-ethnography, thematic synthesis, critical interpretive synthesis).

Nursing Interventions for Drug Users: Qualitative Meta-Synthesis

To estimate the prevalence of asthenopia in 0–18 year-old children through a systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence studies.

To contemplate the methodological rigor, followed the steps: 1. identify the purpose of the research and intellectual interests; 2. establish criteria for inclusion and exclusion of studies, conduct data collection and evaluation of individual research; 3. analyze the research; 4. relate studies by the juxtaposition of results; 5. prepare new statements; 6. develop a new explanation [].

It was decided to conduct a meta-synthesis of the literature [, ]. This methodology aims to strengthen the role of qualitative research in the health sciences, improving the applicability of the results in clinical practice, support the theory, practice, research and health policies [].

Qualitative meta-synthesis: a question of dialoguing …

Welcome to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) website

This distance-learning short course is designed for experienced researchers who want to gain an advanced working knowledge of synthesis methods for systematic reviews. It runs over 13 weeks.

The assumptions of phenomenology, ethnography and grounded theory are explored for their amenability to meta-synthesis and the possibility of coherent synthesis of findings across these methodologies.

Systematic Reviews: Meta-Analysis, Qualitative Synthesis, Mixed Methods Synthesis (Online) Approx
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  • The qualitative meta-synthesis was undertaken through ..

    Rhizomatic affective spaces and the therapeutic potential of music in prison: a qualitative meta-synthesis

  • Research Setting - SAGE Research Methods

    The Diagnostic Accuracy of Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Testing in Asthma: A Systematic Review and Meta-analyses

  • Definitions | British Dyslexia Association

    Qualitative meta-synthesis is not an exact science, and allows for and demands interpretation by the researcher

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Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)

BACKGROUND: Qualitative meta-synthesis is a recent development in qualitative inquiry that offers a means of enhancing the contribution of qualitative findings to the development of more formalized knowledge.

Qualitative Research in Psychology: Vol 15, No 1

Gadamer's concepts of the hermeneutic circle, the fusion of horizons, and dialogue with the text are explored for the insight they provide into the place of qualitative meta-synthesis in inquiry.

Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication Research…

b) Development of methodological guidance, publication standards and training materials for realist and meta-narrative reviews: the RAMESES (Realist And Meta-narrative Evidence Syntheses - Evolving Standards) project

Progesterone luteal support after ovulation induction …

...erence has recurrently been identified as the mostsimportant factor complicating both the qualitative andsquantitative research synthesis enterprises (Cooper,s1998; Mulrow, Langhorne, Grimshaw, 1997;s=-=Sandelowski, Docherty, & Emden, 1997-=-; Sandelowski,sVoils, & Barroso, 2006). Even studies of ostensibly thessame variables or target events, experiences, orsphenomena in ostensibly similar groups of peoplesemploying ostensibly the same m...

Meta-analysis in clinical trials - ScienceDirect

CONCLUSION: It is important for researchers to bring hermeneutic skill to the process of meta-synthesis in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the various philosophical assumptions in which qualitative approaches are based.

Change in mental health after smoking cessation: …

The particular challenge of combining analysis and interpretation from studies with markedly different approaches and intentions may prompt synthesists to create new and innovative approaches to the presentation of meta-synthesis.

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