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What is the "Red Queen" hypothesis? | Yahoo Answers

The Red Queen hypothesis explains how it sometimes takes all the running one can do to keep in the same place, or survive.

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Red Queen Hypothesis | Someone Somewhere

In the new paper, Indre Zliobaite, Mikael Fortelius and Nils Chr. Stenseth propose a new interpretation of the Law of Constant Extinction that focusses on the expansion and peaking of species rather than on their extinction. Supporting their argument by data analysis and simulations, they show that the apparent contradiction is only an illusion and that the Hat Pattern is not only compatible with the Law of Constant Extinction, or perhaps better Law of Constant Peaking, but actually predicted by the Red Queen's Hypothesis.

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Zliobaite: "I had no idea that the Red Queen's hypothesis is such a big deal. I thought it is just another research question. Perhaps this allowed me to think about it anew without being burdened by its legacy."

Origin of the Red Queen Hypothesis.

New interpretation of the Red Queen's Hypothesis: It's about expansion University of Helsinki

Red Queen to the rescue?The Red Queen Hypothesis takes its name from the character in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking-Glass, who tells Alice she has to run as fast as she can to stay in the same place.

Indre Zliobaite, Mikael Fortelius and Nils Christian Stenseth: Reconciling taxon senescence with the Red Queen's Hypothesis. DOI 10.1038/nature24656

Red Queen's Hypothesis - Revolvy

Van Valen's Red Queen hypothesis is a model of coevolution driven by competitive interactions between species. It contrasts with the stationary or ‘lost world’ model, in which evolution is driven primarily by environmental change.

Stenseth: "The Red Queen's Hypothesis has fascinated me from the very beginning since it, as an evolutionary hypothesis, explicitly brings in ecological interactions to explain large scale evolutionary patterns, such as rate of extinctions."

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    Red Queen Hypothesis

  • Evolution: Library: The Red Queen - PBS

    might lie in what evolutionary biologists call the Red Queen hypothesis.

  • Literary Agent Hypothesis - TV Tropes

    With Chasing the Red Queen, Andy Dyer offers the first book to apply the Red Queen Hypothesis to agriculture.

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Is the Earth actually a giant, living 'creature'

In a new publication in the journal Nature, Indre Zliobaite and Mikael Fortelius from the University of Helsinki and Nils Christian Stenseth from the University of Oslo present a new interpretation of one of the classic theories of evolutionary theory, the Red Queen's Hypothesis, proposed by Leigh Van Valen in 1973.

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