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Nursing leadership models have evolved with contemporary society and have shifted from ...

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Instruction offered by members of the Faculty of Nursing.

Preparing clinical nurse leaders for today's complex health care delivery systems the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program at The University of Toledo is ideal for the goal-directed person who seeks a career as a professional registered nurse in the dynamic field of health care. It is designed for the person who holds a bachelor's degree, who is not yet a registered nurse (RN), but who desires to become a RN. Graduates of baccalaureate programs as diverse as mechanical engineering, biology, or music are welcome to apply.

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A student is allowed only two (2) withdrawals (W) from pre-nursing support courses. For example, a withdrawal from one course twice constitutes two (2) withdrawals; or withdrawal from two different courses constitutes two (2) withdrawals. A third withdrawal from any support course(s) will result in ineligibility to continue as a pre-nursing major.

NURS 481V. Special Topics in Nursing (Irregular). 1-6 Hour.

This degree allows students to tailor their nursing education with a variety of elective courses.

Admission to the Pre-Nursing Program (lower division) may be considered when the applicant satisfies the undergraduate admission requirements of the University and the College of Nursing as a freshman, sophomore or transfer student. In addition, students seeking admission as a pre-nursing major must also meet the following criteria:

Nursing practices in caring for the chronically ill. A focus on practices to achieve healthful transitions and preservation of quality of life are emphasized. Common treatment modalities are presented including nursing therapeutics and pharmacological approaches to management of common chronic diseases. Tertiary prevention is emphasized and concepts and approaches to ongoing health assessment, health education, self-management, harm reduction, support, restoration, and palliation are addressed.

NURS 5063. Health Care Policy (Su). 3 Hours.

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ART ~ Accredited Records Safety and Health Topics | Nursing Homes and Personal Care In 2010, nursing homes and personal care facilities had one of the highest rates of injury and illness among industries for which lost workday injury and illness

In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School, students who have earned a Master of Science in Nursing must complete the following requirements for the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. One or more campus visits may be required for skills acquisition.

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  • A Nursing GPA will also be calculated and taken into consideration.

    program prepares students to function at an advanced nursing practice level in complex environments.

  • NURS 5303. Foundations of Nursing Education (Fa). 3 Hours.

    Education in the field of transcultural nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Online Program Program Overview.

  • NURS 5323. Teaching in Nursing Practicum (Fa). 3 Hours.

    The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is similar to other practice doctorates such as the MD, JD and PharmD.

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NURS 5403. Scholarly Writing (Su, Fa). 3 Hours.

Health is culturally and individually defined. The faculty believe that health is a dynamic state of integrated functioning/balance and purposeful direction within the internal and external environment to maximize one’s potential. The faculty believe that all human beings have a right to health care, including the increasing vulnerable populations who do not have complete access to health care.

NURS 5413. Executive Leadership in Nursing (Sp). 3 Hours.

The FNP practices independently and autonomously within the nurse practitioner's scope of practice, and collaboratively with physicians and other health care providers.

NURS 5454. Adult-Geriatric (Chronic) Clinical I (Fa). 4 Hours.

underserved areas, clinics, occupational settings, independent practice.) This results in improved access to primary healthcare. Successful graduates are eligible to sit for the Advanced Practice Family Nurse Practitioner Exam.

NURS 5483. Primary Care of Emerging Issues (Fa). 3 Hours.

In this rapidly changing society, health care delivery must also change to meet changing needs of consumers. The faculty believe that consumers are not merely passive recipients of health care services, but active participants in the decision-making process affecting their health. The faculty espouse a primary health care strategy, which encourages advocacy and partnerships with consumers in systematic efforts to identify and address major health needs. The faculty empower consumers to be self-reliant and competent in managing the health aspects of their lives.

NURS 5495. Primary Care of Emerging Issues (Sp). 5 Hours.

Upon completion of the prescribed course of study, the student's transcript indicates that he/she has completed the educational preparation as regulated by the Texas Board of Nursing.

NURS 5523. Healthcare Informatics (Fa). 3 Hours.

Nursing has a caring and holistic role in the promotion, protection, and restoration of health for culturally diverse individuals, families, aggregates, communities, and society. The nurse in collaboration with clients and other health care providers, functions in a variety of roles and settings to provide effective care based upon a planned, deliberate decision making process. The nursing process serves as the method by which therapeutic interventions and decisions are implemented.

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