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Students in a program that require a thesis or dissertation

Associate Professors: Eric Darve, Chuck Eesley, Sarah Heilshorn, W. Matthias Ihme, Michael Lepech, Jan Liphardt, Nick Melosh, Amin Saberi, Thomas Jaramillo,

The Graduate School has several scholarships and fellowships for graduate students.

The mission of the undergraduate program in Individually Designed Majors in Engineering (IDMEN) is to provide students with an understanding of engineering principles and the analytical and problem solving, design, and communication skills necessary to be successful in the field. The B.S. for IDMENs is intended for undergraduates interested in pursuing engineering programs that, by virtue of their focus and intellectual content, cannot be accommodated by existing departmental majors or the pre-approved School of Engineering majors. Core courses in the curriculum include engineering fundamentals, mathematics, technology in society, and the sciences. Students then take additional courses pertinent to their IDMEN major. The program prepares students for careers in government and the corporate sector, and for graduate study.

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The Graduate School has several scholarships and fellowships for graduate students.

Maria Beatrice Deli is Secretary General of the Italian Association for Arbitration (AIA) and Secretary General of ICC Italy.
Maria Beatrice is a Professor of International Law at Molise University School of Law. She also teaches International Organization at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, Department of Political Science. She has been a Visiting Scholar at Yale Law School.
Before becoming Secretary General of AIA, she gained an extensive experience on international arbitration at Studio Legale Chiomenti.

Completion of the undergraduate program in Environmental Systems Engineering leads to the conferral of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Systems Engineering.

: Program : Graduate Program Coordinators

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Quantitative and computational methods are central to the advancement of biology and medicine in the 21st century. These methods span the analysis of biomedical data, the construction of computational models for biological systems, and the design of computer systems that help biologists and physicians create and administer treatments to patients. The Biomedical Computation major prepares students to work at the cutting edge of this interface between computer science, biology, and medicine. Students begin their journey by acquiring foundational knowledge in the underlying biological and computational disciplines. They learn techniques in informatics and simulation and their numerous applications in understanding and analyzing biology at all levels, from individual molecules in cells to entire organs, organisms, and populations. Students then focus their efforts in a depth area of their choosing, and participate in a substantial research project with a Stanford faculty member. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter a range of disciplines in either academia or industry.

Research units taken as or in conjunction with fulfill the Writing in the Major (WIM) requirement. , which does not have to be taken in conjunction with research, also fulfills the WIM requirement.

Professor Leonard Cassuto of Fordham University, and author of "The Graduate School Mess".
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Student Personnel Services in Higher Education

Electricity and magnetism and its essential role in modern electrical engineering devices and systems, such as sensors, displays, DVD players, and optical communication systems. The topics that will be covered include electrostatics, magnetostatics, Maxwell's equations, one-dimensional wave equation, electromagnetic waves, transmission lines, and one-dimensional resonators. Pre-requisites: MATH 42 or or or equivalent.
Same as:

Boltzmannstr. 3 85748 Garching

Is a hands-on class where students learn to make stuff. Through the process of building, you are introduced to the basic areas of EE. Students build a "useless box" and learn about circuits, feedback, and programming hardware, a light display for your desk and bike and learn about coding, transforms, and LEDs, a solar charger and an EKG machine and learn about power, noise, feedback, more circuits, and safety. And you get to keep the toys you build. Prerequisite: .

You can use for your CSE thesis.

Second portion of the former . Instruction to be completed in the final three weeks of the quarter. Students wishing to complete the equivalent of should enroll in both and . Students cannot enroll in without enrolling in . Students choose one the following sections (1) Frequency response of linear circuits, including basic filters, using phasor analysis. (2) Digital hardware and software implementations of a robot car. Lab. Lab assignments. Co-requisite: . Enrollment limited to 300.

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood

The structure, bonding, and atomic arrangements in materials leading to their properties and applications. Topics include electronic and mechanical behavior, emphasizing nanotechnology, solid state devices, and advanced structural and composite materials.

Master of Business Administration

First portion of the former , for students not pursuing degree in Electrical Engineering. Instruction to be completed in the first seven weeks of the quarter. Students wishing to complete the equivalent of should enroll in both and . Overview of electronic circuits and applications. Electrical quantities and their measurement, including operation of the oscilloscope. Basic models of electronic components including resistors, capacitors, inductors, and the operational amplifier. Lab. Lab assignments. Enrollment limited to 300.

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