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Awards are made on the basis of accuracy, clarity and merit, as determined by our judges.

bservations have been and are an important part of today's meteorological developments. Surface observations are very useful as they are, providing weather information for a point location. Though they do not give much information, if any, on what happens between the stations across a larger area. With models one can create an analysis of the meteorological situation, i.e. calculate and ...

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This award is made only once each year, approximately two months after December 31st.

This study reconstructs the textual and editorial history of Josh 24 and related texts (most notably Josh 5:2–9 and Judg 2:6–9) as a case study for understanding the ancient editorial processes that produced the Hebrew Bible. It focuses on the documented evidence of editing; that is, variant versions of the same text. An analysis of the differences between the Septuagint (LXX) and the Ma...

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Submissions must include one complete copy of any original book or journal issue under consideration; if the item is an article or chapter in a larger publication, a copy of that complete publication must be provided, along with a PDF scan of the article/chapter under consideration.

Submissions need not be made by the author -- any genuine article which openly and accurately discusses Reich's work can be submitted by any reader or subscriber, though the Award would go only to the author.

Submissions should be made as one good-quality photocopy plus a separate PDF version.
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Tutkimuksessa tarkasteltiin aktiivista oppimista suomalaisten opettajien pedagogisessa ajattelussa ja opettajaksi opiskelevien pedagogisen ajattelun oppimisprosessissa. Tutkimuksessa aktiivista oppimista jäsennettiin opettajan tahtona, taitona ja ymmärryksenä toiminnan ja ajattelumallien tavoitteelliseen ja uutta luovaan muokkaamiseen. Aineisto koostui 68 perusopetuksen opettajan haastat...

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The study of nō theatre, a 14th century traditional Japanese performing art form, has focused primarily on the classical plays, while no extensive studies of the new nō plays or shinsaku nō have been made in Western scholarship. Since all nō plays, classical and new, are theatrical scripts that adapt their themes and characters from literary or other sources, they are viewed in this stud...

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