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The Armenian Genocide and the Relevance of the 1948 Genocide Convention, (Haigazian University Press, 2010), in the introduction by the International Commission of Jurists:

4/26/2009 · I need a strong thesis statement about Genocide and how International ..

Considering the second wave of Armenian Genocide, which took place from 1920 to 1923, the numbers of victims are utterly shocking. Taking into account that before the World War I there were approximately two million of Armenians living in Ottoman Empire, more than a million were deported in 1915, hundreds of thousands were killed and many of others died from starvation or tortures. The number of victims counted not in hundreds or thousands – it is really hundreds of thousands.

Thesis statement on the rwandan genocide

Armenian Genocide Thesis Statement

One sad and truly dramatic page of Armenian national history is Armenian Genocide of 1915. This topic is the subject of hottest discussions due to its controversial and tragic essence. On order to clarify main controversies, there should be a thorough research conducted. This essay will be divided into four parts, each of which will investigate one question: what is the Armenian Genocide, who was responsible for it, how many people died because of it, and what the reaction of the international community to it was.

Genocide in general related with deliberate physical termination of some nation. Armenian Genocide particularly, is a forcible removal and of native Armenians from their land by Ottoman Empire during the World War I, which was accompanied by mass killings of Armenian people. This genocide was thoroughly planned by Turkish government and executed with no mercy, which led to horrible casualties among Armenians. The plan included not only forcible deportation of Armenians, but also expropriation, starvation, torture, and massacre. Armenians, who were the minority in Ottoman Empire could not do anything or effectively resist to such violence against them, which led to a horrifying number of deaths among Armenians.

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New York (TADIAS) – One of the oldest immigrant communities in Ethiopia, Armenians, were welcomed to Ethiopia in the early 1900s after they escaped genocide carried out by the Ottoman empire. In addition to thriving as goldsmiths, carpenters, teachers and carpet makers, Armenian-Ethiopians have also greatly contributed to the emergence of modern music in Ethiopia. Kevork Nalbandian was an Armenian who composed the first national anthem for Ethiopia as well as served as the musical director of Arba Lijoch. His nephew Nerses Nalbandian was involved in the founding of the historic Yared Music School in Addis Ababa as well as led the Municipality Orchestra.

On 18-19 April I participated in an intenational conference on the Armenian genocide, held at Nicosia, Cyprus, on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the beginning of the genocide. I delivered a before some 80 participants.

and continue to recognize the Armenian Genocide; ..
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    Book presentation: "The Armenians in modern Turkey: post-genocide society, politics and history" A Europe of Diasporas

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In 1922, when the genocide was over, there were just 388,000 Armenians remaining in the Ottoman Empire.
The End!
The Armenian Genocide
Tyler Weiss & Matt Hager
Why the Armenians are in need of Financial Aid.
These facts prove that the Armenian Genocide is in most need of immediate financial aid because the Armenians were treated so poorly and cruelly.

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Turkey has rejected historians’ claims about the genocide, and System of Down singer Serj Tankian told Rolling Stone that “the denial is a spit in the face” of Armenians.

After studying the causes of genocide in Cambodia, ..

The American rock band kicks off an international tour on Monday in which it will perform its first concert in Armenia to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the genocide there, .

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The atrocities committed against the Armenian people of the Ottoman Empire during WWI are defined as the Armenian Genocide. Those massacres were perpetrated throughout different regions of the Ottoman Empire by the Young Turkish Government which was in power at the time. The first international reaction to the violence resulted in a joint statement by France, Russia and Great Britain, in May 1915, where the Turkish atrocities directed against the Armenian people was defined as new crime against humanity and civilization agreeing that the Turkish government must be punished for committing such crimes.

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There were an estimated two million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire on the eve of WWI. Approximately one and a half million Armenians perished between 1915 and 1923. Another half million found shelter abroad. The mechanism of implementation Genocide is the organized killing of a people for the express purpose of putting an end to their collective existence. Because of its scope, genocide requires central planning and an internal machinery to implement. This makes genocide the quintessential state crime, as only a government has the resources to carry out such a scheme of destruction. On 24th of April in 1915, the first phase of the Armenian massacres began with the arrest and murder of nearly hundreds intellectuals, mainly from Constantinople, the capital of Ottoman Empire (now Istanbul in present day Turkey). Subsequently, Armenians worldwide commemorate the April 24th as a day that memorializes all the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The second phase of the final solution appeared with the conscription of some 60.000 Armenian men into the general Turkish army, who were later disarmed and killed by their Turkish fellowmen. The third phase of the genocide comprised of massacres, deportations and death marches made up of women, children and the elderly into the Syrian deserts. During those marches hundreds of thousand were killed by Turkish soldiers, gendarmes and Kurdish mobs. Others died because of famine, epidemic diseases and exposure to the elements. Thousands of women and children were raped. Tens of thousands were forcibly converted to Islam. Finally, the fourth phase of the Armenian genocide appeared with the total and utter denial by the Turkish government of the mass killings and elimination of the Armenian nation on its homeland. Despite the ongoing international recognition of the Armenian genocide, Turkey has consistently fought the acceptance of the Armenian Genocide by any means, including false scholarship, propaganda campaigns, lobbying, etc.

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