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Votrax Type ‘n Talk speech synthesizer.

1978 Gagnon, R.T., "Votrax real time hardware for phoneme synthesis of speech," Proc ICASSP-78, 175-178 (1978).

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1980's speech synthesis chips (Lots of videos) - Page 1

As you can read on the , the SSI-263 is the other name for the Votrax SC-02.
It is becoming quite difficult to find, much harder then it’s little brother the Votrax SC-01 but I finally got one by buying a Mockingboard B on Ebay.
The SSI-263 is TTL compatible and need only very few component to be added. It is very easy to connect it to an Arduino but is much more complex than the Votrax-SC01 to program.

SC-01 Speech Synthesizer Data Sheet, 9 pages (in SSSHP USA Votrax file).

The SP1000 featured speech recognition & Allophone based speech synthesis
Making things talk was quite the "thing" in 1982
internal newsletter

I was too cheap to buy the pre-printed chip labelsso I used my technical/drafting pen to make my own.

1980." ("Hello, I am a Votrax speech synthesizer

Another device that was amazing for the time was the Votrax Type ‘n Talk which came out in 1980.

(see product brochures in SSSHP USA Votrax file)1980 SC01 - The first integrated circuit version of synthesizer, compatible with existing Votrax synthesizers, used in Votrax circuit cards Speech PAC and VSM/1 Versatile Speech Module (see product brochures in SSSHP USA Votrax file).

the world's first unlimited vocabulary speech synthesis chip

(K) SSSHP 118.14

Gagnon has VSA if Smithsonian is interested1980 VSB - Used in IBM Audio Typing Unit, talking typewriter for the blind.
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    The Cadillac systems were the Votrax "Type-N-Talk" and "Personal Speech System." ..

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