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which organelle is the site of most of the cell’s protein synthesis

It also facilitates the synthesis of protein and steroids, as well as the production and storage of glycogen.

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to track the path of protein synthesis in the ..

The stroma contains the chloroplast DNA as well as components of the protein synthesizing machinery specific for the chloroplast, namely the ribosomes, tRNAs, and specific proteins and enzymes.

There are two major components of a ribosome - the small ribosomal subunit and the large subunit.
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Genetic control of the cell is carried out by the production of RNA in the nucleus (the process of transcription) and the subsequent transfer of this RNA to a ribosome in the cytoplasm, where protein synthesis (the process of translation) is directed.

It also facilitates the synthesis of protein and ..

Most of the components of photosynthesis are located in the thylakoids.
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Components of the protein synthesizing machinery specific for mitochondria-ribosomes, tRNAs and specific proteins and enzymes-are also found in the matrix.

It is thought to beinvolved in initiation of translation by helping the mRNA bind to the ribosome(16S rRNA), thus it can be called the ribosomal binding site (see also ).

A ribosome is the site of protein synthesis in the cell

They are mostly photosynthetic algae but distinctfrom the rest of the algae.
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These common features are:

DNA, the genetic material contained in one or more chromosomes and located in a nonmembrane bound nucleoid region in prokaryotes and a membrane-bound nucleus in eukaryotes

Plasma membrane, a phospholipid bilayer with proteins that separates the cell from the surrounding environment and functions as a selective barrier for the import and export of materials

Cytoplasm, the rest of the material of the cell within the plasma membrane, excluding the nucleoid region or nucleus, that consists of a fluid portion called the cytosol and the organelles and other particulates suspended in it

Ribosomes, the organelles on which protein synthesis takes place

The 5’ UTRs of most mRNAs contain a consensus sequence of5’-CCAGCCAUG-3’ involved in the initiation of protein synthesis.
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    In cytoplasmic structures of eukaryote, the ribosomes are composed of a 60S and a 40S subunit forming an 80S ribosome

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    "the ribosome is the site of protein synthesis" (hypernym) organelle, ..

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    The chromosome contains genetic codes to control synthesis of protein and enzymes ..

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